Can Mobile Technologies Make Field Service Workers More Productive?

Since the dawn of the manufacturing era, companies have been focused on increasing their employees’ productivity. In economics, productivity is the output per unit of input. The greater your output and the lower your input, the more productive you are. Many people have claimed that they know the secret to increased productivity. With the advent of mobile technologies, employees can be significantly more productive. Read on to learn how field service technicians in particular can increase their productivity.

Mobile Technologies: A Time Saver

Before the introduction of mobile technologies into the enterprise, field service technicians would have to either be in constant radio communication with the dispatcher or return to headquarters to receive their assignments.

Mobile technologies save field service technicians time. Dispatchers enter assignments into a software system connected to a mobile app, and the app automatically notifies the technician that he or she has work to do.

Moreover, the technician or dispatcher doesn’t have to spend time mapping out the most efficient route to the assignment – the app automatically provides maps and turn-by-turn instructions.

Spend More Time Doing Work, Less Time Doing Administrative Tasks

Part of a field service technician’s job is completing administrative tasks such as paperwork. It’s unavoidable. However, that doesn’t mean that it has to take up as much time as it did before the deployment of mobile technologies.

Instead of spending time writing reports or filling out pages and pages worth of forms, the technician can enter information with the click of a button or the tap of a finger with an app. It’s an excellent replacement for paper, because there are electronic date and time stamps to show who entered what data when.

Mobile apps even make invoicing simple. The company can set the invoice forms to be pre-filled with the customer’s information. All the technician needs to do is insert relevant data such as the work that was carried out and the price, and the invoice can be automatically emailed to the customer.

The Hunt for Information Is Over

Think about the last time a field service technician came to your home or workplace to repair something. You most likely had to spend several minutes having to relay the story of what happened, and what occurred during the last service call… it wastes your time as well as the technician’s time.

A mobile app can streamline this process. With the functionality to load a complete service history, the technician can have a much better understanding of the problem before he or she even arrives on site. The dispatcher can also enter details about the current issue, so the customer only needs to provide a little bit of information once the technician arrives.

In addition, an app can serve as a knowledge repository. It can hold schematics and how-to videos and articles that assist the technician in carrying out his or her work. As a result, the technician no longer needs to spend precious time hunting for information, and can complete jobs faster.

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