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In order to sustain profitable growth, today’s Life Sciences companies must redefine the way value is delivered, reduce costs and eliminate waste, and enhance quality and safety.

Merit Solutions has been working with Life Sciences companies for more than a decade, helping them manage risk, ensure operating performance, maintain compliance, and pursue global growth opportunities.

Our broad range of Life Sciences consulting services and IT solutions help address the challenges related to traditional processes, cultural resistance to change, and less scalable technologies – enabling successful improvement projects while operating in a globally regulated environment.

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   Validation Ready

Enterprise-wide Life Sciences ERP solution that requires less time and spend to implement than the traditional approach.

   Improve Quality and Reduce Costs

Enhanced functionality around lot track and trace, electronic records, change control, shelf-life management, and more.

   Extend Insight and Improve Decision Making

Integration with third party elements of your supply chain, including contract manufacturers, 3PLs, etc…





MAXLife Document Management

   Eliminate Paper

Remove the redundant, error prone, and highly manual processes associated with paper-based document management.

   Maintain Compliance

Complete document lifecycle capabilities, including automated workflows, audit trails, electronic signatures, and full versioning support.

   Track Training and Certifications

Track and train employee skills and certifications in order to ensure products are consistently and safely manufactured.

Document Management


Life Sciences Mobility

MobiLife Mobile Development

   Maintain Data Integrity and Security

Design mobile strategies, applications, and services that are safe, secure, and private.

   Improve Productivity and Efficiency

Respond to physician, customer, or regulator demands more efficiently and effectively from anywhere on any device.

   Drive Additional Revenue

Provide employees, physicians, and customers with better information at the point of customer engagement.


Mobile Solutions  

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