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The internet of things, Big Data, and more are rapidly transforming the way retailers do business. Retailers can no longer deliver “push based” mass merchandising that treats each customer the same way. Though operational considerations such as supply chain efficiency and inventory turn remain imperative to profitability, in order to thrive in the long term, retailers need to adapt to the reality of connected consumers and their demands.

The new retail requires a deep understanding of each consumer, leading to personal experiences and offers that drive relevance and differentiation leading to store visits, online shopping, larger basket size, and higher conversion.

The Modern Retail Environment

In the modern retail environment, information is available everywhere. Consumers are well informed and expect intuitive, engaging, and informative experiences when they shop. And, options for online, in-store, and mobile purchases are exploding.

Merit Solutions offers world-class solutions and services that can help you meet the expectations of today’s demanding consumers and transform shopping into a fun and rewarding experience that leads to a sustainable competitive advantage for your brand.

Optimize Your Forecasting and React Faster

  Increase loyalty and share of wallet through hyper-local assortments and inventory with scalable cloud solutions that take advantage of data, such as social and weather, to complement existing demand signals.

  Improve management of merchandise allocation across channels with data-driven understanding of what will sell, when, where, and to whom.

  Enable forward-thinking, agile pricing and promotions with analytics capabilities to predict optimum pricing and quickly make changes as needed.

Modernize Your Supply Chain with Analytics-Driven Operations

  Reduce time to market for new products and services using actionable insights provided by market trend analysis and customer feedback.

 &nbspDevelop a more cost-effective, collaborative supply chain through end-to-end visibility and seamless partner and supply chain communication.

  Optimize inventory management using real-time predictive analytics and mobile devices to improve inventory transparency and anticipate customer and channel demand.

Empower Your Workforce to Provide a Differentiated Customer Experience

  Promote increased productivity and cross-team collaboration with easy-to-use solutions that provide anywhere, anytime access to the expertise and resources they need.

  Share sales-floor and retail execution insights to speed market response using social and mobile capabilities that foster cross-team collaboration and real-time action.

  Empower employees to deliver a personalized customer experience by providing a single view of customer transaction history and preferences across channels for customized upsell and cross-sell.

Delight Your Customers with Personalized Shopping Experiences

  Connect with customers at the right time, right place with the right offers by gathering data from various points of customer contact to understand customer behaviors and respond with relevant offers.

  Predict what customers want before they tell you using predictive analytics solutions to create relevant cross-sell and upsell opportunities throughout the customer journey.

  Deliver engaging in-store experiences by combining technologies that give customers rich information when they shop online with the in-store experiences of trying out products and engaging with informed sales associates.

Harness the Power of Your Data to Gain a Competitive Edge

  Become an insight-driven organization to differentiate from the competition by learning from the valuable data you already have—every device, sensor, upload, tweet, purchase, shipment and keystroke.

  Evolve from reactive to proactive to help build, monitor and improve your brand through advanced visibility into what your customers are saying and the ability to offer innovative customer experiences.

  Keep pace with rapid change and innovate to give customers what they want by leveraging advanced analytics to transform your data into intelligent action.

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