MVVM architectural pattern with AngularJS

AngulaJS is a framework for writing Single Page applications (SPA). It is just one of many JavaScript frameworks for developing SPA, but it is widely used. One of the reasons is that AngularJS is, as authors say, MVW framework (Model – View – Whatever).

What is MVW? There are several most popular architectural patterns for developing of web apps. MVC (Model – View – Controller) is well-known for long time and is main pattern for developing server-side code for web apps. MVVM pattern is relatively new, and it is evolving with applications for mobile devices, but has moved to SPA also.

So, AngularJS is designed to be used with whatever architecture pattern. It gives freedom to a developer to decide what pattern to use. However, AngularJS is primarily MVC framework, as it brings views and controllers out of the box.

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