Best Practices for Mobile Technologies in Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are meant to determine whether devices, medications, or other developments in the medical field are safe for public use. These developments are at the cutting edge of the field, yet frequently, the trials to test their safety don’t incorporate the latest technologies (such as mobility).

There are reasons that companies have been leery of implementing mobile technologies in mobile trials: they’re concerned about regulatory issues, patient adherence, and cost. However, with the adoption of best practices, firms should no longer be concerned about using mobile technologies during regulatory trials.

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Mobile Technology Best Practices for Sales Teams

There’s a powerful tool in today’s salesperson’s arsenal. It doesn’t have to do with a new technique or method taught in a workshop. We’re talking about mobile technology. However, as with any type of technology, best practices help users achieve optimal results. Read on to learn some mobile technology best practices for salespeople.

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